BioSpecialists Speaks to WMTW on Meth Problem in Maine

Last week, WMTW Channel 8 did a story on meth labs here in Maine. The focus was on the fact that now home labs are becoming less common, as usage of the “one pot” method grows. With this method, people can make meth in small containers, such as soda bottles, making it easier to contain and throw away evidence.

Bill York of BioSpecialists was interviewed for the story. He commented on the fact that this method makes it much harder for the police to catch suspects. It also is very dangerous, as meth could be being made almost anywhere. And even a microscopic amount of residue could be toxic to anyone exposed to it.

Professional remediation of a meth site is critical to public safety. BioSpecialists is properly trained in meth clean up, and is the most experienced in the industry.

Read the full story from WMTW here.