You Decide Who To Hire, Not The Insurance Company

Recently BioSpecialists got a call to do a death scene cleanup. We made arrangements to go, but before we could get there the victim’s family called us. It seems that the homeowner’s insurance company had told the family not to work with BioSpecialists, as we were not on their list of preferred companies and have never worked with them before. The company they wanted the family to use was not really in the biohazard cleanup business, in fact they were not licensed or permitted to even do this type of work. The insurance company seemed to want to cut corners to save money, at the expense of the homeowner’s safety.  Luckily we were able to make it clear to the family that the insurance company cannot dictate which clean up company to hire. We completed the job professionally, respectfully and in a timely manner.

We really want to stress the fact that you, the insured, have the right to call whichever cleanup company you wish. It is not up to the insurance company. We believe that we are the best option, because we are the most qualified and experienced. We are fully licensed, bonded, insured and permitted to address all biohazard contamination conditions. We don’t do fire and water damage, focusing only on biohazardous situations. We handle public health hazards 100% by the book. People need to be safe and never worry about a possible exposure situation from a substandard company. Getting the job done right the first time is a far bigger value in the end.

For more information about how we work with insurance companies, visit the pricing and insurance information page on our website.

Could BioSpecialists Have Prevented PA Lawsuit

We recently heard about an unfortunate situation in Pennsylvania. A recently widowed woman bought a home with the idea of relocating with her children to be closer to family. A few weeks after they moved in, she was told by a neighbor that there had been a murder/suicide in her home the year before. The seller or real estate agent did not disclose this information to her. She is now trying to sue both of the other parties, and get her money back.

We know how traumatic this kind of news can be. The woman is probably nervous about what kind of biological hazards there could still be inside the house, and doesn’t know to what level the house has been cleaned. And perhaps the seller was nervous about disclosing the news to the buyer, for fear that she wouldn’t go through with the purchase.

Here at BioSpecialists, we can help. We can clean a crime scene using industry standards, and return it to it’s pre-incident level of cleanliness. We can then give the homeowner a clean bill of health, letting them know it has been fully remediated, with no biological hazards remaining. Had the seller in this situation had BioSpecialists do the cleanup, they could have felt comfortable disclosing the information to the buyer. The buyer would then have been assured that the house was safe.

Can an employee of my business cleanup blood from an injury, trauma or suicide scene?

Yes, but before an employee of your business can legally (and safely) clean up and disinfect blood from the scene of a suicide (or trauma scene, accident, blood spill etc.) he or she must meet the guidelines set in Federal Regulation 29CFR1910:1030. There are many dangers present at a scene contaminated with bloodborne pathogens. To protect the safety of your employees and customers you should seriously consider hiring a blood clean up and remediation company.

Federal Regulation 29CFR1910:1030

Federal Regulation 29CFR1910:1030 states that no employee can be placed in a position to be exposed to blood spills without first:

  • Receiving bloodborne pathogen training.
  • Having a written bloodborne pathogen exposure control plan.
  • Having been provided with personal protective equipment.
  • Having been offered a Hepatitis B vaccine and exposure evaluation and follow-up.
  • Being provided with a method to remove and properly store the bio hazardous waste in a properly marked container for disposal at an approved site.

BioSpecialists, LLC expands service into the Boston Metro Area

BioSpecialists, a New England crime scene cleanup and bio hazard remediation company has expanded service to the Boston Area through our new Brookline, Massachusetts location.

The Brookline office will ensure that BioSpecialists can provide the same level of service and response times that our Southern Maine customers have come to expect. BioSpecialists will provide quick, professional and compassionate response to Massachusetts. New England is our home and we take care of our neighbors. Call us at 866-331-7731 to reach a supervisor twenty four hours a day and seven days a week.

BioSpecialists Biological Indicator

A recent incident provided us with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the usefulness of the Biological Indicator. BioSpecialists was called to remediate a death scene and were admitted shortly after the authorities had cleared the scene and departed.

The floor appeared to be generally clean. However Law Enforcement and/or EMS, Fire Department personnel or Funeral Home staff members had unknowingly spread contamination through the home.

BioSpecialists was brought in for a cleanup. We used a biological indicator product. By spraying this on the hard surface,  footprints were clearly identified.  One or more individuals had stepped in a bio-hazardous substance and tracked it throughout the home.

footprints can be seen with the biological indicator

 footprints can be seen with the biological indicator


The contamination was not visible to the naked eye,  but an occupant of the home could easily have themselves become infected had the circumstances permitted it.

The Biological Indicator provides another level of security for our clients,  it is another tool that BioSpecialists has to ensure that a home or site is restored to healthfulness.

BioSpecialists Now Supporting Florida

BioSpecialists Hudson, Florida Location

BioSpecialists is growing! We now provide all of our services throughout the state of Florida from our Hudson, Florida location, conveniently located in the Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg metropolitan area.

We are now providing our services throughout Florida and will soon be expanding and opening a new Service and Training center in Hudson, Florida.

Our Florida Transporters Licence number is 7623