Chameleon Chemical Detection Armbands Now Available from BioSpecialists

Safety, both for first responders and the general public, is always top priority for us at BioSpecialists. With that in mind, we are happy to announce that Chameleon chemical detection armbands are now available from BioSpecialists. Chameleon armbands, from Morphix Technologies, are the most innovative, easy-to-use toxic chemical detection kit on the market, and we are proud to offer them for sale.

The Chameleon armband easily attaches to the forearm, even fitting over gear. This allows for hands-free chemical detection, with no liquid samples needed. While using the Chameleon, a first responder will be able to tell if there are harmful chemicals or vapors present at any potentially hazardous scene. If the cassette in the arm band changes color, he or she will know that there are toxins present, and to act accordingly.

The Chameleon can be used in a variety of situations, including suspected chemical suicides or meth labs. There are a number of kits available, with the Haz-Mat kit containing the greatest number of cassettes. Download the PDF to see more.

What you can’t see can hurt you! Equip your team today! Kits are available starting at $55 plus shipping. For more information, please contact us at BioSpecialists. 866-331-7731 or


BioSpecialists Supports the Yellow Dot Program

CFAA-YellowDotRecently, Ted Hatch of the Gorham Police Department told us about the Yellow Dot Program. Here at BioSpecialists, we really wanted to help get the word out about this helpful and important program.

The national program is the first of its kind here in Maine, and is free to participate in. It is designed to help first responders at the scene of a motor vehicle accident, giving them access to detailed medical and emergency contact information about the occupants of the motor vehicle.  This kind of information can be crucial, as many times car accident victims are unable to communicate for themselves.

Participants of the program receive a Yellow Dot decal, a Yellow Dot folder and an information form with the participant’s name, an identifying photo, emergency contact information, personal physicians’ information, medical conditions, recent surgeries, allergies and medications being used. The decal, placed in the car window, alerts the first responders to look for the information folder in the glove compartment.

The program is free and open to people of all ages, though there is an emphasis on senior citizens. For more information, and to register, look for the yellow dot icon on our website, or go to


BioSpecialists to Provide Biological Hazards Cleanup for FAA Northeast Locations

BioSpecialists is very pleased to announce  that we will be the exclusive provider of biohazardous materials cleanup for several airport locations in the Northeast. The areas covered are those that are in FAA control and include the airports and equipment locations in Biddeford, Cumberland, Brunswick, Kennebunk, Wiscasset, Fryeburg, Auburn/Lewiston, Freeport, Scarborough, as well as the Portland tower, flight lines and FAA buildings, all in Maine. It will also cover White Field in New Hampshire.

BioSpecialists will be involved on a case-by-case basis, to remediate the scene, making sure there was no spread of bloodborne pathogens anytime there was a potential for biohazardous contamination in one of these areas.

The most significant risk at a trauma scene is from contact with blood and bodily fluids. Since 1991 health and medical care officials have recognized the danger of contact with bloodborne pathogens which may be contained in any spill of blood and body fluid.

Bill York, President and CEO, notes that the FAA has taken a very proactive step in partnering with BioSpecialists. “We are pleased that the FAA is thinking ahead and getting ready to respond to dangerous situations involving biohazardous materials. We are very excited about working with them, and helping to keep the public safe.”

BioSpecialists Speaks to WMTW on Meth Problem in Maine

Last week, WMTW Channel 8 did a story on meth labs here in Maine. The focus was on the fact that now home labs are becoming less common, as usage of the “one pot” method grows. With this method, people can make meth in small containers, such as soda bottles, making it easier to contain and throw away evidence.

Bill York of BioSpecialists was interviewed for the story. He commented on the fact that this method makes it much harder for the police to catch suspects. It also is very dangerous, as meth could be being made almost anywhere. And even a microscopic amount of residue could be toxic to anyone exposed to it.

Professional remediation of a meth site is critical to public safety. BioSpecialists is properly trained in meth clean up, and is the most experienced in the industry.

Read the full story from WMTW here.

BioSpecialists Again Makes the Bangor Daily News

Recently, the Bangor Daily News published an article on the growing problem of meth in Maine. BioSpecialists was featured in the article, as we took place in a meth lab remediation training over the weekend.

Meth is an extremely dangerous drug, and the production of it creates a toxic byproduct that will cover the surrounding area. Exposure to the tiniest amount can create serious health problems, so it is imperative that the cleanup of a meth lab is handled by trained professionals.

BioSpecialists is now the only company in Maine that is properly trained and ready for meth remediation. We are pleased to do our part in helping with the scary problem of meth.

Read the entire Bangor Daily News article here.

BioSpecialists Featured in the Bangor Daily News

Here at BioSpecialists, we were excited to be interviewed recently by the Bangor Daily News. The article describes with some detail some of the more difficult parts of our day, and includes a video featuring our own Rob Simmons.

We know that many people aren’t even aware that death or trauma scene clean up is an actual service out there, and we are happy to get the word out. We hope that you don’t ever require our services, but if you do, we want you to know that we are the most qualified, experienced, and compassionate.

Read the full article here, and learn more about us.

You Decide Who To Hire, Not The Insurance Company

Recently BioSpecialists got a call to do a death scene cleanup. We made arrangements to go, but before we could get there the victim’s family called us. It seems that the homeowner’s insurance company had told the family not to work with BioSpecialists, as we were not on their list of preferred companies and have never worked with them before. The company they wanted the family to use was not really in the biohazard cleanup business, in fact they were not licensed or permitted to even do this type of work. The insurance company seemed to want to cut corners to save money, at the expense of the homeowner’s safety.  Luckily we were able to make it clear to the family that the insurance company cannot dictate which clean up company to hire. We completed the job professionally, respectfully and in a timely manner.

We really want to stress the fact that you, the insured, have the right to call whichever cleanup company you wish. It is not up to the insurance company. We believe that we are the best option, because we are the most qualified and experienced. We are fully licensed, bonded, insured and permitted to address all biohazard contamination conditions. We don’t do fire and water damage, focusing only on biohazardous situations. We handle public health hazards 100% by the book. People need to be safe and never worry about a possible exposure situation from a substandard company. Getting the job done right the first time is a far bigger value in the end.

For more information about how we work with insurance companies, visit the pricing and insurance information page on our website.

Safety Alert

Recently, BioSpecialists received a request for assistance at a crime scene, involving chemical suicide (“detergent suicide”) mitigation. This type of suicide has been a growing problem nationally, after originating in Japan, and apparently now in Maine. While any kind of trauma scene cleanup can be dangerous, a chemical suicide scene is particularly hazardous, for emergency service personnel, funeral home personnel and the public. Toxic fumes from mixing common, off the shelf products can be fatal when inhaled in moderate quantities. It is imperative that a chemical suicide scene be completely remediated by professionals.

BioSpecialists are experts at handling situations like these, using cutting edge technology to clean and disinfect a scene, as well as following strict safety guidelines and procedures. BioSpecialists can also assist funeral homes with response to these types of death scenes. We are the only company in Maine to utilize a portable Bio-Seal system, a product that allows us to completely seal the body of a chemical suicide victim, ensuring the safety of public safety personnel and funeral home employees.

Unfortunately, chemical suicide is an issue that funeral home personnel are going to have to learn how to respond to and deal with. BioSpecialists offers training and education programs on response to chemical suicides for funeral home directors and employees. We are available to travel to any location and instruct on the necessary precautions that must be taken when responding to and handling these hazardous cases. BioSpecialists is here to help make sure the responders and personnel have all the knowledge they need to deal with these types of incidents.

Could BioSpecialists Have Prevented PA Lawsuit

We recently heard about an unfortunate situation in Pennsylvania. A recently widowed woman bought a home with the idea of relocating with her children to be closer to family. A few weeks after they moved in, she was told by a neighbor that there had been a murder/suicide in her home the year before. The seller or real estate agent did not disclose this information to her. She is now trying to sue both of the other parties, and get her money back.

We know how traumatic this kind of news can be. The woman is probably nervous about what kind of biological hazards there could still be inside the house, and doesn’t know to what level the house has been cleaned. And perhaps the seller was nervous about disclosing the news to the buyer, for fear that she wouldn’t go through with the purchase.

Here at BioSpecialists, we can help. We can clean a crime scene using industry standards, and return it to it’s pre-incident level of cleanliness. We can then give the homeowner a clean bill of health, letting them know it has been fully remediated, with no biological hazards remaining. Had the seller in this situation had BioSpecialists do the cleanup, they could have felt comfortable disclosing the information to the buyer. The buyer would then have been assured that the house was safe.

Richard Shepard To Join BioSpecialists Full Time

BioSpecialists recently announced that Richard Shepard will be starting full time as Vice President of Operations on March 1, 2013. Shepard has been with BioSpecialists since its beginning three years ago, but has also been working as a Senior Investigator in the Maine State Fire Marshall’s office. He is now retiring after 26 years with the State.

While at the Fire Marshal’s office, Shepard performed various tasks, including: investigating fires and explosions, fireworks site inspections & incident investigations, and explosive magazine inspections, as well as mechanical ride inspections & incident investigations. Shepard was one of the Fire Marshal’s Office Certified Accelerant Detection K-9 Handlers, actually writing the original proposal for the program. He also conducted trainings across the state and New England for fire service and law enforcement agencies. Shepard started as an Investigator in 1987, after working previously as a law enforcement patrol officer. He cites a long career that involved a lot of high profile cases, including numerous fatal fire, arson and homicide investigations.

Shepard started BioSpecialists, along with President Bill York, in June 2010. Now that he’ll be full time, his duties will include leading trainings for fire, law enforcement, and EMS professionals, and funeral home directors and staff. He will also be supervising clean up scenes, and working with York on business development and management of staff.

Shepard notes: “I’ve had a very rewarding career in public safety for all of my adult life. For me, public safety and public service is always at the core. I began in the fire service in 1973, the EMS field in 1976 and law enforcement in 1977.”

He has recently rejoined the Casco Fire-Rescue as an on-call firefighter and is recertifying as an EMT. He is a certified NASCAR trainer and performs training for Speedway Safety Services, a group that provides EMS and fire service for the NH Motor Speedway, where he is a Crew Chief. He also works at smaller race tracks in Maine & New Hampshire and he is a race official for the Pro All Stars (PASS) tour.

Shepard is Maine born and raised, currently living in Casco. He is a former member of the Grange, and has been a member of the Gorham-Westbrook Odd-Fellows for more than 25 years. He is the founder and multiple-time President of the Maine Chapter of International Association of Arson Investigators.