BioSpecialists Can Sanitize, Disinfect and Decon your Vehicles.

If you have used your vehicle to transport a sick or injured person or if you’ve been involved in an accident and there is blood or vomit in your vehicle, it may be contaminated with dangerous biotoxins, pathogens or bacterial contagions.

Be safe. Let BioSpecialists decontaminate your vehicle. Don’t risk becoming infected by bloodborne pathogens. Blood and bodily fluids may have soaked into seat cushions and beneath carpets.  Normal household cleaners will not completely eliminate these hazards.

BioSpecialists can also Remove Odors in your Vehicles

The most common source of odor in vehicles is food and beverages spill, which produce decomposition odors.  Rodents may crawl into ventilation systems in the winter, become trapped and perish there. Vehicles may have acquired strong odors from pets or smoking.

BioSpecialists use the latest in disinfection technology to attack biotoxins, biohazards, blood pathogens and bacterial contagions at the microbial level and completely sanitize police patrol vehicles, ambulances, hearses, buses, and aircraft as well.

We will meticulously clean your private automobiles, SUVs, vans, pickups, sedans, campers and motorhomes.  We can come to your location or you may bring your vehicle to our secure facility. Please call for directions.

Fleet Vehicle Decon

BioSpecialists can help maintain your fleet. Call BioSpecialists for routine and post-incident decontamination, sanitization, disinfection and odor removal in your cars, ambulances, buses, trucks, vans, SUVs, trailers, boats and aircraft.

We will thoroughly and meticulously remediate and remove biohazards, toxins, organic decomposition, and odors.  BioSpecialists can work with

  • private owners
  • farms
  • public parks
  • schools
  • fire departments
  • police departments
  • hospitals
  • municipalities
  • park rangers
  • game wardens
  • taxi and livery companies

We help reduce the spread of biological contaminants, bacterial infections and even the common cold. BioSpecialists help contribute to the physical and mental health of your organization, employees and members by keeping service vehicles clean and odor free.

BioSpecialists is the local professional at vehicle decontamination. Call BioSpecialists today at 207-839-9111 to decontaminate your vehicle. We service all of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, including the Boston and Worcester metro areas. We are available to take your call 24/7. Call BioSpecialists for vehicle decontamination today.