The impact of traumatic events can be powerful and long-lasting. Persons who are associated with the incident will likely suffer emotional stress while attempting to clean the scene of a traumatic incident.

Survivors who try to clean a trauma scene are also exposing themselves to health risks. The danger of infection by bloodborne pathogens and bacterial contagions is so high that Federal regulations have been enacted treating all blood and body fluids at crime, death, and trauma scenes as biohazardous materials.

BioSpecialists provide 24/7 accident and trauma cleanup support. BioSpecialists is the Trauma Cleaning professional in Boston and throughout New England, and we are ready to respond quickly to your call 24 hours a day, every day.  We do not use call centers or answering services to screen calls. Each call is answered by a supervisor for BioSpecialists.

BioSpecialists believe in the importance of helping trauma survivors avoid exposure to biohazards, including but not limited to bloodborne pathogens and bacterial contagions, which are often present at a trauma scene.

We use the latest EPA approved disinfectant technologies to safely restore each scene to the pre-incident state and we provide humanitarian support to our neighbors in New England to help them recover from traumatic events.

We help protect our clients from emotional distress, we reduce the potential exposure to infectious disease, pathogens, and do our best to provide what we believe is a basic act of kindness and compassion to people in a time of need. Communication, discretion, and respect are paramount to everything that we do.

Call BioSpecialists at 207-839-9111 for trauma scene cleaning. We serve all of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, including the Boston and Worcester metro areas. We are available for trauma scene cleanup twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Call BioSpecialists for trauma clean up today.