Suicide Scene Clean Up

The Medical Examiners, Emergency Responders and Funeral Directors do not clean the site of a suicide, that burden is left to the grieving family members.  Those who have not experienced a suicide in the family, the needless loss of a sibling or child, cannot imagine the grief and pain the family suffers. Trying to clean such a tragic scene can be a hardship far beyond measure.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention statistics show that there are over 34,000 suicides in the United States every year. It is the third leading cause of death among young adults aged 15 to 28, and the fourth leading cause of death for those aged 18 to 65. The New England Journal of Medicine reports that as many as 70 percent of suicides take place in the home and more than half of those are committed with a firearm.

Chemical Suicide Clean Up and Remediation

Noxious chemical solutions such as Hydrogen Sulfide which can be produced from common, off the shelf products can be fatal when inhaled in large quantities and concentrations.  First responders are at serious risk and have been injured attempting rescues at chemical suicide scenes.  Even after a site has been cleared by the authorities, cleaning technicians must take extra precautions when cleaning and remediating such a scene.

Hydrogen sulfide gas will continue to be released from furnishings and carpets, and can reach dangerous concentrations in an enclosed space, particularly a small space such as a vehicle or garage.

BioSpecialists, New England’s Expert for Suicide Cleanup

We use cutting edge disinfecting technologies to professionally and safely clean each scene to the pre-incident healthful state.  We attack toxins and contaminants at the microbial level and provide compassionate support to our neighbors in New England to help them recover from the tragedy of suicide.

Cleanup after a suicide can place those who are inexperienced and ill-prepared at grave risk of infection. Blood and body fluids which are typically found at the scene of a suicide are assumed to be biohazardous. BioSpecialists believe in the importance of helping survivors avoid exposure to biological hazards at the scene of a suicide as well as the psychological trauma of such a tragic result.

We do our best to provide kindness and compassion to those who are in great distress.

Call BioSpecialists for suicide clean up 207-839-9111. BioSpecialists is locally owned, operated and ready to respond quickly to cases of suicide 24 hours a day. We do not use call centers or answering services to screen calls. Each call is answered by a supervisor for BioSpecialists. We service all of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, including the Portland, Portsmouth, Boston and Worcester metro areas. BioSpecialists can help with suicide cleanup.