BioSpecialists is New England’s Expert for Death Scene CleanUp

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration, the Center for Disease Control, and health officials agree that death scene cleanup without proper training and techniques can be very dangerous to one’s health.

When cleaning the scene of a death, whether a natural death, accidental or unattended death, one is put in direct contact with virulent pathogens such as HIV, AIDS, and Hepatitis, as well as drug resistant bacterial contagions like MRSA and C.diff.

These remnants of decomposing biological contaminants pose serious health risks for anyone present at the death scene. Biological hazards remain at a death scene.

When there is a serious accident, death, violent trauma or undiscovered death in a home, there is often damage to the home itself.

death scene cleanupTainted blood and body fluids spread beneath floor covering and can seep into the floors, furnishings and even the walls. There is a substantial risk if a site is not cleaned properly. Traces of blood borne pathogens, and viral and bacterial contagions may linger on the scene. Such contaminants can remain viable for days and weeks and threaten all who must live in, work at or visit the site if they are not completely remediated.

Business owners, property owners, landlords, and hotel operators are at significant risk of liability if employees, customers or visitors come into contact with these pathogens. Furthermore, cleaning after a death in the family can be a harrowing experience for family members, loved ones and friends. It and can be a source of extreme distress and mental anguish.

It is crucial that a death scene is thoroughly disinfected, sanitized, and associated biohazards are completely eradicated. BioSpecialists is the professional in New England for death scene cleanup. We meticulously clean a site. Biohazards are remediated, disinfected with hospital grade disinfectants, sanitized, and removed wherever they are found.

BioSpecialists is particularly cognizant of property owner’s liabilities. When we clean a site we provide certification to protect the property owner from legal claims.

BioSpecialists is New England’s locally owned and operated death scene cleanup professional. From our offices in Portland, Maine we are ready to provide death scene cleanup to Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, including the Boston and Worcester metro areas, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Call BioSpecialists for death scene cleanup at 866-331-7731.

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