Insurance and Payment Information

Most Homeowner and Renters Insurance Pay the Cost of Cleanup

Most death, trauma, crime and tragedy scenes are covered by insurance. We often can work directly with your insurer so that you are able to focus upon the welfare of you family and loved ones. There is no cost to families for suicide or accidental death clean up.

We can assist the insured after the original claim has been filed with expedited, detailed documentation of the scene to all insurance companies. Renters and home owners insurance pays for our costs more than 90 percent of the time, unless a written exclusion exists.

Insurance policies may pay for replacement of carpet, new paint, and even flooring when it is needed to properly decontaminate your property. Most home owners insurance pays for the services provided by the cleaning company. Renters insurance policies also cover these costs. Included in these costs are bio-waste removal and disposal, and also non bio hazardous waste removal from the scene.

Insurance companies often have a list of “preferred” biohazard cleanup companies. But they cannot require a property owner to go with a specific company. An insurance company usually doesn’t have the resources to check on the companies on their preferred list. These companies may not be licensed or qualified or may have very little experience. When you require the cleanup of a death, trauma, suicide or tragedy scene, it is imperative that you hire someone who is professional, knowledgeable and experienced. You have the right to call a company that will remediate the scene right the first time.

BioSpecialists is the best and lowest-cost option in New England. Give us a call at 866-331-7731 to clear up any doubts about what costs to expect.

Private Pay Services

Hoarding and medical waste transportation services are generally direct-pay situations. Please call us for an estimate.