Pet odors are most often caused by urine and feces. The urine can seep into and beneath to floor coverings, rugs and carpets.  It can be quite challenging to eliminate these troublesome odors.

Pet owners may have been ill and unable to care for their animals. Untrained dogs and cats may have “marked” territory. In worst case scenarios there have been animal hoarding cases leading to squalor and gross filth.

Whatever the reason, BioSpecialists can help. BioSpecialists is certified by the IICRC in odor removal.

Call 207-839-9111 to have BioSpecialists remove pet odor. BioSpecialists will employ EPA approved, chemical free technologies, techniques and procedures to eliminate, not simply mask odors. We are available to take your call twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. BioSpecialists is available for pet odor removal throughout New England, including the Portland, Portsmouth, Boston and Worcester metro areas. Call BioSpecialists for pet odor removal today.

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