mold removal

Mold, like decomposition odors, are a naturally occurring reality of life. Mold can be worsened in damp and moist conditions. Excessive moisture from leaky roofs or basements can lead to disproportionate mold which in some cases can even affect the health of sensitive persons by causing the formation of mycotoxins.

Mildew is the most commonly occurring form of mold, frequently occurring in washrooms and basements. Items that have been stored in damp basements and attics may need to be treated to eliminate mold and mildew.

BioSpecialists odor-removal process will kill mold spores and eliminate mold odors. BioSpecialists cannot guarantee total mold remediation. While our process does halt the spread of mold and stops mold growth, we advise you to seek additional assistance to completely eliminate the effects of mold.

Call 207-839-9111 today to have BioSpecialists kill mold spores and remove mold odor. BioSpecialists is certified by the IICRC in odor removal. We service all of New England, including the Portland, Portsmouth, Boston, Worcester and Springfield metro areas. Call us for mold odor removal today.

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