Decomposition odor will frequently be present at any crime, trauma or death scene but is not limited to such extreme events. Decomp odors can more commonly be the result of food and beverage spills. Odors from decomposition can result from animal, vermin and rodent carcasses when they become trapped in the walls, beneath the home or in or near ventilation systems. Decomposition of organic material begins immediately after a death or spill and may cause an abundance of naturally occurring malodorous compounds.  Many of those compounds can be toxic in high concentrations.

Decomposition Odors, Molds and Mildews

The Odor Guys logoDecomposition odors are not only unpleasant, they often signal dangerous gases such as H2SO4, sometimes called sewer gas. This gas, commonly derived from the decomposition of organic materials can be toxic at certain levels.  Decomposition odors may also indicate the presence of dangerous airborne pathogens.

Food and beverage spills in the home soon become rotten and rancid. Diluted, store-bought solutions may not be strong enough to eliminate bacteria causing the odors.

In some cases the odors can signal the presence of dangerous chemical compounds. Inadvertent mixing of some domestic cleaning chemicals such as chlorine and ammonia can create a deadly combination.

Odor removal is frequently a necessary element of cleanup in trauma, death, and tragedy scenes, but the necessity for odor remediation is not limited to these extreme situations.  BioSpecialists can help you with vehicle odor,  pet odor and smoke odor problems and also see us if you have troubles with mold and mildew.

BioSpecialists will employ EPA approved, chemical-free technologies, techniques and procedures to eliminate, not simply mask odors. BioSpecialists will completely clean a death, trauma or crime scene and take additional measures whenever odors are present. We can also eliminate and remove odors in your cars, trucks, vans, campers, motor homes and even your boat.

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