meth lab cleanupMeth Lab Clean Up

Methamphetamine production is a growing and dangerous problem. It is easy to make, using common, household chemicals that are perfectly legal to own. Increasingly, people are using the “one-pot” method to make the drug, where the chemicals are mixed in something small, such as a soda bottle. It is then easier to throw away the evidence. These smaller operations mean that meth is users are harder to catch, and the drug could be anywhere.

Even a tiny amount of meth could be toxic to anyone exposed to it. The chemical mixture is explosive and highly flammable. Cleanup must be done by a professional and experienced team that is fully trained in the proper handling of the drug. It is essential that no trace of residue be left behind.

BioSpecialists is New England’s leader for meth cleanup. We have a subsidiary dedicated to meth lab testing and cleanup for homes, rentals, and businesses. Please visit Meth Remediators. We are highly trained and experienced, and can be relied upon to fully remediate a meth lab scene. We are able to travel throughout the Northeast, and are available whenever we are needed.

Call Meth Remediators for meth lab cleanup: 207-839-9111. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each call is answered by a supervisor; we do not use call centers or answering services. Whether you are in Maine, Massachusetts, or New Hampshire, we can help with meth cleanup.

We test homes for meth residues