Biohazard Transportation & MEDICAL WASTE Disposal

medical waste disposalBiospecialists is the best and most affordable option in New England for the transport and disposal of medical waste. We are fully licensed, certified and bonded. We guarantee same day pickup throughout New England and are also a licensed bonded transporter for the state of Florida.

Biohazards, toxins and biohazardous material must be contained, transported and disposed of properly. State and Federal regulations govern their handling to protect the public and/or employees from exposure to potentially deadly contaminants. These contagions cannot be simply hauled to the land fill and cannot be disposed of in public waste systems. BioSpecialists is unrelenting about our responsibility to protect our clients and the general public.

BioSpecialists has the capability and experience to safely contain and remediate biohazardous medical waste. We are DOT Compliant, fully certified, licensed and bonded in New England to transport medical waste, biohazards, sharps and dangerous contagions. The job of cleaning up a biohazard spill such as blood and or bodily fluids is not done until the contaminants are safely disinfected, contained and removed from the premises.

On-call or scheduled medical waste transportation and disposal

We can provide regular, scheduled pickups or one-time on-call pickups to doctors, dentists, veterinarian animal hospitals, nursing homes, fire departments and funeral homes. We are permitted to serve them all.

We have the following licenses:

  • US Department of Transportation
  • Biomedical Waste Transporter License
  • Waste Generator License
  • Florida Transporter License

Call BioSpecialists first for DOT compliant biohazard transportation and disposal: 207-839-9111. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. BioSpecialists offers biohazard transportation throughout New England, including all of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Whether you are in the Portland, Portsmouth, Boston or Worcester metro areas, BioSpecialists can help you with biohazard transportation and disposal. Call BioSpecialists today.

Please visit our website dedicated to medical waste disposal in the New England area: