How to Hire an Expert for Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup

The following is an excerpt from an article in Claims Magazine. It showcases the importance of hiring an experienced expert for the job of cleaning up a crime or trauma scene, to complete the job in a thorough and timely fashion.

Every claim and restoration professional knows that no two projects are the same — some are more complicated than others, especially those involving crime and trauma scenes. These jobs require a more thorough approach than most restoration projects. With that in mind, let’s compare how two different companies responded to the same gruesome situation.

A 20-year-old son was to house sit after his parents left the country for a long-planned world tour. But the joy of vacation soon faded when, three weeks after mom and dad departed, a neighbor smelled a terrible odor and called the police. When authorities arrived, they found that the apparently angst-ridden son had decided to take his own life in a room on the top floor of the two-story house.

The scene that they found was beyond comprehension. Blood and bodily fluids had seeped from the second floor to the first floor via the kitchen and then down into the basement. The odor was so severe that when police arrived, they immediately turned on an attic fan situated just above the body to evacuate the odors so they could continue working. To make matters even worse, the son was HIV+.

Where to Begin?

During the course of events, the insurance adjuster contacted a local bio-cleaning company. The technician/owner not only cleaned up the visible blood in the upstairs bathroom, but also the fluid that had overflowed into the adjacent loft area by removing the carpet and pad. Despite his diligence in disinfecting the hardwood floors and the visible blood on the kitchen cabinets (never opening a drawer where fresh blood was later discovered), the technician never entered the basement. In addition to these surfaces, the carpet also was affected, as a little dog that had been in the home at the time of the incident had tracked blood throughout the house. After cleaning the blood from the carpet with bleach, the technician declared the job complete, charged the insurance company $1,000, and left.

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