What to expect:

1. Call us, and we’ll be there quickly. 

For calls in northern New England—including Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts—as well as Florida we can be on site within hours. After assessing the property a written estimate will be provided.

2. Most services covered by your homeowner’s insurance.

In most cases, your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cleanup of death, crime scene and biohazardous related materials. There is no cost to families for suicide/accidental death clean up.

3. An efficient and thorough job.

Our team of highly trained experts, using the industries best practices will complete your job in a matter of hours getting your home back to normal. There will be no traces of odors, no dangerous biohazard materials to deal with, and no reminders of the tragedy.


Medical and Bio-waste cleanup and disposal:

Let us pick up your medical waste affordably and conveniently.