A squalor home is a home so contaminated by waste and gross filth that the environment becomes so unhealthy as to be the cause of illness for inhabitants. Squalor homes can be contaminated and fouled with bacteria, vermin and insect infestation.  Workers cleaning a squalor home must take precautions to protect themselves from contact with sewage, and gross filth by wearing gloves, goggles and even using antimicrobial facemasks for protection from airborne bacteria.

BioSpecialists technicians will pay close attention to detail and render a site clean and for human occupancy once again.

Call BioSpecialists for squalor home remediation and hoarding clean-up at 207-839-9111. BioSpecialists are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We service all of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, including the Boston and Worcester metro areas. Call us for squalor home remediation and get it done right the first time.