Does Your Stinky Car Require Bio Hazard Cleanup?

Big stink from small accidents in your car or truck

As a former auto detailer, I can confirm that some of the worst odors come from the smallest accidents.  In our mobile society we tend to eat far too many meals in our cars. Eating in the car will eventually result in spillage.

Add to this complex mixture the long New England winters where folks tend to put off cleaning their automobile until warmer conditions, by the time spring thaw comes along there is quite a bit of organic material buried beneath 5 months of trash to begin decomposing in the warming sun.

Spilled milk shakes, hamburger crumbs, meat fat and other food drippings that has soaked into carpets and seat cushions quickly become a repulsive stench and can be extremely difficult to remove. Small leaks from milk containers or meat coming home from the grocery store can cause big problems later. Fishermen and hunters who have transported their catch of the day may find that their car, truck or boat reeks the next day.

If you have tried to do the vehicle cleaning yourself and are still experiencing problems, using bio-hazard cleanup techniques is your next step. Give us a call and we clean up your car, truck or boat. We can even help manage the cleanup of fleets of vehicles.


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