BioSpecialists Continuing Education

Biospecialists is very pleased to announce that our Vice President of Operations and Field Supervisor Richard Shepard has completed Crime & Trauma Scene BioRecovery Training at the National Institute of Decontamination Specialists (NIDS) in Piedmont, South Carolina.

Richard is now a fully certified American BioRecovery Association (ABRA) BioRecovery technician. The comprehensive training program which he completed in November covers the lastest techniques in specialty decontamination. Richard’s new knowledge will help us to aid and protect our clients here throughout New England, he also brings back to us newly revised and updated billing practices that follow national accepted fair and ethical prices. These new billing guidelines will be applied to ease the transition for families and insurance companies after services have been performed.

The National Institute of Decontamination Specialists, operating under the supervision of Kent Berg is the most respected training facility in the industry.  NIDS provides an unparalleled training curricula for students here in the United States as well as those from abroad. The facility in Piedmont, South Carolina includes life-like scenarios that provide trainees with hands-on experience in realistic site reproductions to demonstate techniques in specialty decontamination.  These scenarios help to prepare students for certification as well as many of the challenges encountered in the real world.

Additionally we will be traveling to the advanced disinfection course in January 2012 for advanced training in techniques of specialty disinfection and decontaminationin.  Continued training is fundamental in this an ever evolving field of biological contamination.

BioSpecialists continues to be New England’s premier biohazard recovery company.  We have made continuing education and training an essential element of our core philosophy.


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