BioSpecialists Can Break the Infection Cycle

BioSpecialists were called to service by a daughter that had concerns about C-dif contamination in her parent’s home.  The parent was in the hospital and expected to be discharged the next day.

The parent had unknowingly contracted C-dif while in the doctors’ care at a rehab facility, was discharged, and the home became contaminated with the C-dif.  When the parent’s health worsened they were re-admitted, diagnosed again with C-dif and treated successfully for the C-dif infection. The parent was then discharged and again became infected by the C-dif bacteria in the home.  The parent had to be hospitalized yet again.

The daughter and her brother were concerned about the parent getting re-infected while back in the home setting again, and the possibility of this cycle not stopping and so contacted BioSpecialists for help.  A BioSpecialists team was sent to Rhode Island where they completely and thoroughly disinfected the entire occupied space of the home before the parent was discharged back to the dwelling.

This seems to be a common concern for many people that have suffered a health care acquired infection while being treated in a hospital,nursing facility or rehab physicality.  This 99% of the time is covered under home-owners insurance. This type of infection is more widespread that most people know. The family members, are credited with having the foresight to take this precautionary measure for the sake of the parent’s health.

This is one of many calls for this type of service we get almost on a daily basis here at BioSpecialists.  Education and proper disinfection techniques are the key to stopping this type of infection.


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