BioSpecialists Biological Indicator

A recent incident provided us with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the usefulness of the Biological Indicator. BioSpecialists was called to remediate a death scene and were admitted shortly after the authorities had cleared the scene and departed.

The floor appeared to be generally clean. However Law Enforcement and/or EMS, Fire Department personnel or Funeral Home staff members had unknowingly spread contamination through the home.

BioSpecialists was brought in for a cleanup. We used a biological indicator product. By spraying this on the hard surface,  footprints were clearly identified.  One or more individuals had stepped in a bio-hazardous substance and tracked it throughout the home.

footprints can be seen with the biological indicator

 footprints can be seen with the biological indicator


The contamination was not visible to the naked eye,  but an occupant of the home could easily have themselves become infected had the circumstances permitted it.

The Biological Indicator provides another level of security for our clients,  it is another tool that BioSpecialists has to ensure that a home or site is restored to healthfulness.


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