Bio-Specialists President Urges Support for LD 123

William York testifies in support of LD123Bio-Specialists President Testifies at State House; Urges Support for LD 123… Says it is all About Compassion

On February 19th, BioSpecialists president Bill York testified at the Augusta State House in support of LD123. LD123 would require people who recover or transfer body or body parts that have been donated to the State to be registered as an Anatomical Recovery Organization. These organizations must keep records of all the recoveries and transfers they perform, and there are penalties for not registering or keeping the proper records.

Here at BioSpecialists, we believe in the importance of this bill. It ensures that bodies are handled properly and respectfully by trained professionals. There are bio-hazardous risks associated with the handling of bodies, and it should be done by people who know how to keep themselves and the public safe. As Bill said during his testimony:

I believe that L.D. 123 will go a long way towards ensuring that the departed person will be treated with dignity and respect.  As a regulated carrier of medical waste, I can tell you that I am very familiar with chain of custody issues as they relate to biological infectious waste.  We know that our compliance with the law is an important part of ensuring that the deceased and all remains are treated with respect and that the chance of someone contracting an infection or communicable disease is greatly reduced when all of the appropriate procedures are followed. Again respect, dignity, and compassion should be paramount while dealing with human remains.

Bill has a lot of experience with this issue, both as the president of BioSpecialists and as the the owner of New England Livery Services LLC, which is a decedent transportation company. He says, “One thing I learned along the way is that everything that happens after a person passes away is for the remaining family and friends.”  Having a professional available to help with the transfer of a body eases the strain on the family and friends of the victim, and also keeps them safe.

Bill is happy to answer any questions about LD123, and can be contacted at 1-800-331-7731 or




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