Bio-Specialists Lends a Helping Hand in Florida

Last Spring we heard about an unfortunate situation near our offices in Florida. A person had passed away in their condo, and the death went unnoticed for weeks. After the body was removed, there was still a strong odor and an extreme fly problem. The couple living in the next-door unit were overwhelmed by the smell, having to pour bleach down their drains on a daily basis. They reached out to the condo association, who couldn’t help due to legal limitations on entering the condo. Also, due to OSHA regulations the cost of the cleanup was estimated to be quite high.

The situation was reported on by a local TV news station.

When we heard about the difficulties that the neighbors were having we knew we had to help. Dealing with body decomposition odors and swarms of flies in your home is unpleasant, unsanitary, and unsafe. We made arrangements to do the cleanup for free, to restore the condo to its healthful condition as quickly as possible.

The TV station came back and filmed a follow-up.

Here at Bio-Specialists, we are happy that we could help. We are experts at biohazard clean-up, and are proud to offer compassionate and efficient services.


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