Better Services Available to Keep Sharps Out of Trash

A recent article in the Portland Press Herald stated that there is a serious problem in Maine with medical needles or “sharps” being tossed in the trash.

With an estimated 40,000 Mainers needing a way to dispose of the medical needles they use to self-inject themselves to treat diabetes and a variety of other medical conditions, there is a need for a routine process to dispose of the sharps.

Sharps, or medical needles, are considered a medical biohazard and are a risk to family members as well as workers in the waste management industry.

Mickey Wing, owner of Central Maine Disposal in Fairfield said, “My feeling is they should be handled like medical waste.”

There currently is no law or protocol for how you should dispose of your used sharps, although throwing them away in the regular trash is clearly dangerous. If you are not using needles that come with their own disposal-ready package, please dispose of these safely. The safest thing for you, your family, the trash pickup workers and for the environment is for these sharps to be treated like medical waste and to be handled by a company licensed to transport and dispose of medical biohazard waste.

If you would like to arrange for a pickup of your used medical needles on a one-time or monthly basis, please contact us. We can pickup, transport and dispose of your used sharps from your home in Maine.


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