William York’s Bio

Bill-YorkI grew up in Gorham, Maine where my father owned and operated multiple funeral homes around the state for over 48 years. I grew up in and around the family business and started working at the funeral home assisting in general duties. I made my first removal of a body with my dad at age 15. This was a single car accident where a father lost his entire family in a car accident. I was a newly licensed driver at the time and the scene required us to take two removal vehicles because 4 people died at the scene.

At the age of twenty I entered the transportation profession and started in long haul trucking. I specialized in the transportation of hazardous chemicals and hazardous waste in bulk liquid form trucking across the US and Canada. I received several safety awards certifications and specialized training and my impeccable record with over 3-million accident free miles was what helped me secure my last job with the Walmart Company.

Then one day I was woken by a phone call that my only brother had taken his life. I traveled home to Maine where the services were planned at our family funeral home. I have been in the shoes of the families we serve on a daily basis with suicide touching so close to home myself.

I have worked with families for 48 years at the most troubling times in their life in the family business. I have worked with law enforcement, fire, medical examiners at the time of the first call. There is no better way to know the industry. I transported my dad who expired at a local hospital in 2011, not wanting anyone else to do the job.

This business is not a job it’s a way of life. I am ready to assist at any given moment when the telephone rings and a family needs help.

I have assembled the best team to work in the delicate conditions we work in.  I entered into the body removal business on my own in 2008 starting my own company New England Livery Services, LLC I was one of two services in the state of Maine specializing in Decedent transportation for both the medical examiner’s office and the local funeral homes. After 2 years and hundreds of removals through New England Biospecialists was formed.

Our Team












When an emergency call comes in for a death cleanup, crime scene cleanup or other trauma or tragedy cleanup, we quickly assemble a team of highly trained professionals. We send a minimum of three people to every work site so that we can work safely and efficiently. Our goal is to have the minimum interference in the home or office so that people who live and work there are affected as little as possible.

All of our team members have exemplary backgrounds and are fully licensed and bonded. They have years of experience outside of biohazard remediation working in law enforcement, fire departments, EMS, investigators and/or in the funeral business. They are able to complete the work with a respect, compassion and discretion.