Who is BioSpecialists?

Making ArrangementsWe are experienced emergency responders, veterans of Maine’s police and fire departments. But we also bring with us compassion from our long association with funeral services and grief support networks.

We are a locally owned and operated business in Maine. We work across New England and down the east coast to Florida. Service and respect for our customers, professionalism and discretion are paramount in everything we do.

BioSpecialists History

In 2008 William York started New England Livery Service LLC assisting local New England funeral homes, police, fire, EMS, and the state medical examiners offices.

At hundreds of scenes around New England: traumatic accidents, suicide and fatal illness, William saw that after the police, medical examiners and technicians were finished with their work, the property owners, business owners and families were left with the horrific responsibility of cleaning up the devastation.

After seeing so many families and businesses in need of a company to clean up after a devastating event, Biospecialists LLC was formed.